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There is a wide variety of PFA aircraft types and others based at Nayland.
G-BRXG is a 1946 Aeronca Champion which was imported from the US in 1990 and has been based at Nayland ever since. XG was recently fully restored and is now one of the best examples flying in the UK today. She is owned by a syndicate of 5.

Other pictures - interior, parked, in-flight
G-AXHR is a 1943 exUS military Piper Cub L-4H which saw service in North Africa and then in the Netherlands until 1948. It was imported into the UK in 1969 and has been based at Nayland for 22 years, HR is owned by a syndicate of 2.

Other pictures - fueling, in-flight
G-BCGH is a 1950 Nord NC854S. It is number 122 of 200 built by Societe National de Constructions Aeronautique du Centre. It was imported from France in 1974 where it was formally registered as F-BAFG. The Nord is operated by a group of 3 and has been flying from Nayland since 1986.

Other pictures - Nord, take-off, landing, cockpit
G-BVVE is a Jodel D112 and has been based at Nayland since April 2009 . Built by Wassmer in 1961 her original registration was F-BKAJ.

VE is of wood and fabric construction, and has amassed in excess of 5000 flying hours. Her highly efficient cranked wing is conducive to her excellent touring capabilities.
G-BUYK - Kitfox

Other pictures - parked, interior
G-BUAA - Corben Baby Ace

Other pictures - parked
G-BIDD - Emeraude

Other pictures - takeoff
G-BEIL - Socata Rallye
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