Visiting the airfield

The airfield is set in established countryside home to many animals and birds, including Tawny and Barn owls, as well as Roe deer and Badgers.

Flying from Nayland Airfield is a unique experience, situated on the top of Campions Hill, the downhill runways get you airborne in no time at all and you are quickly climbing away over the Stour valley. Landing up the hill is equally unique, and the upslope provides an excellent brake to your landing roll (you will rarely experience an annoying bounce at Nayland!). Everyone who operates from Nayland is considerate of the residents of the surrounding villages and flies with care and respect for the local area. Visitors to the airfield are greatly encouraged to do the same.
  • Grass strips 14/32 600 x 20m, marked with white markers.
  • 13/31 500 x 20m, slight upslope - *This runway is currently closed*
  • Rwy 14/32 has a severe upslope to the NW
  • Circuits at '800 aal avoiding built-up areas in the vicinity of the strip
  • Wattisham MATZ to the NW
  • Radio mast, 768' amsl, 541' agl to the NW.
  • Windsock displayed.
  • Landing fee £2
  • Fuel: Avgas 100LL (by arrangement)
  • Strictly PPR
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Airfield plate
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