Visiting the airfield

Nayland airfield is East Anglia's equivalent of Corchevel altiport. It's one way in and one way out runway offers an unusual small grass strip experience. Landing on the steep uphill runway 32 and takeoff downhill on runway 14. 


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Visiting pilots are welcome at their own risk but PPR is essential due to local planning restrictions.


  • Grass strips 14/32 600 x 20m, marked with white markers.
  • Rwy 14/32 has a severe upslope to the NW
  • Circuits at '800 aal avoiding built-up areas in the vicinity of the strip
  • Wattisham MATZ to the NW
  • Radio mast, 768' amsl, 541' agl to the NW.
  • Windsock displayed.
  • Landing fee £5
  • Due to planning restrictions PPR is essential.
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