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About Nayland airfield

Nayland Airfield is situated in the picturesque countryside of the Stour Valley AONB, just half a mile from the centre of the medieval village of Nayland. The airfield has been in operation since 1962 and sits in a unique position on top of Campions Hill overlooking the valley and the village of Nayland below. The airfield is the home of the Nayland Flying Group (NFG) and was built, and is still operated by, Tony Harris who has lived at Hill Farm all his life.

The 30 dedicated members of the NFG operate a wide variety of interesting aircraft from the airfield, ranging from rare vintage, home built to modern factory manufactured.

Visitors are always welcome, PPR is mandatory.

Special notice: The eastern runway is currently closed!
Nayland airfield webmaster
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Nayland airfield webmaster